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What is Bimestral?


Bimestral is an artistic promotion and dissemination platform, our principal objective is advocating for knowledge, cooperation and interaction of two cultures: Mexican and Israeli.


We believe art is an instrument for sensitization and social transformation.  We aim to impulse and make known the work of current photographers –both recognized and emerging- from Mexico and Israel, promoting high technology in communication and international collaboration.


Activities we propose

Digital Publications

Audiovisual productions


Safaris, expeditions and tourism

Exhibitions and festivals

Editorial projects

Educational projects

Conferences, talks and symposiums


Our website


Since august 2013 a 100 photographers, 10 musicians and 4 illustrators have collaborated with Bimestral’s first 10 editions and its contents are published in three languages: Spanish, English and Hebrew.

This means that a collection of 1000 photographs, 23 online videos and 4 expositions has been mustered. 

We are nearing 4000 viewers in 5 continents, concentrated mainly in Mexico, Israel, Latin America, and the USA.

Brief history of Bimestral 


The first appearance of Bimestral as a digital photography magazine was in august 2013, although it was launched the previous month.  It was the result of two photographers from Morelos- one living there and the other in Israel- coming together with the idea of promoting the work of photographers in both countries.


Later Bimestral included audiovisual and photographic work from people all over the world. 


In 2014 Bimestral was named one of the best Mexican photography magazines in the 4th edition of Fotofestin- a photography festival organized in collaboration with the UNAM and UAM.


Recently the digital magazine Hola Land included Bimestral in its listing of the 10 Israeli start ups that influence the world positively. 


In 2015 Bimestral was registered under Mexico’s cultural information system: CONACULTA.


Currently Bimestral’s team is preparing the audiovisual, musical and educative sections of the project.  Additionally it is working on a festival to celebrate its second anniversary within the framework of celebration for the 61st anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Israel. The Festival will take place in July 2015.

הצילום מאחד אותנו

La fotografía nos une.

Photography unites us.

Our values are:

- The respect of diversity 

- Promotion of non-violence

- And dissemination of purposeful content for all audiences. 

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